Do you want to buy a new home here in Lilburn?

You’re not alone. We’re all thinking about our homes after being stuck at home. It’s something on just about everyone’s mind. “Can I afford to get a new place, and what’s for sale?”

 I’m sure you also know interest rates are at all-time lows, too. I just saw a 3.4% 30-year rate mortgage come across my desk. This means you can afford more “house” for less money right now.

I’d like to share my direct access to the MLS with you. That’s the best way to search all homes for sale - so you see everything for sale. That’s what I have access to as a Realtor®.

Call or text me at (404) 213-6811.  I’ll take you on a tour of what’s for sale right now on the MLS.Lilburn homes for sale

You’ll see details you can’t get on Zillow, and in some cases, you’ll see homes note even on Zillow yet since there’s a delay from when the listing contract is signed to what you see. These “public” home search portals may have inaccuracies, too. The MLS is the source of the data.

I can also arrange “virtual” showings for you. I’ll walk through the home with my phone on Zoom, Skype, or Facetime so you stay safe. It’s also more convenient. You’ll also see what the home is really like versus all the Photoshopped images you see online (that are just not reality).

In fact, I just helped Carter Bricker  buy a home in Lilburn. “I saw all the homes for sale that perfectly fit my criteria so I could buy the right house for me”, he told me. “I know I got a better price, too, since I had information that not every buyer in Lilburn due to your help. THANK YOU!”

The market is really hot right now. Record numbers of people want to buy a new home, but there’s not much for sale. This is because of low interest rates, and honestly, the Virus Crisis has people really re-evaluating their current living situation. While I cannot share off-market listing with you, you’ll want to have ever advantage you can to see properties before the entire market sees them - I may be able to make that happen by giving you direct MLS access.

Call me at (404) 213-6811 or if you’re thinking about buying a home.

I’ll show you everything for sale and help you through the process, so you get the right home at the very best price.

Harry Patel